Fight Back Your Backache With Homoeopathy

It was some two and a half years ago ( article writen / published in 2002 ) that I came across Mr. S. Jain I must say purely by chance. It so happened that I visited a Reiki practitioner in DLF to know about the working of the seemingly mysterious mode of treatment and also in hope to obtain help for a really desperate case of ascending paralysis in which I too had reached a stalemate, the doctors at Batra hospital had already given up the case as hopeless having no cure worldwide. As I entered the Reiki master’s chamber I found him treating a rather sophisticated looking person, an anxious lady who seemed to be the patient’s wife and their young daughter waiting on the sofa besides the bed the patient was lying on. The Reiki master asked me to take a seat and disclose the purpose of my visit, which I did, having introduced myself. The Master listened while he performed his strange moves floating his hands over the patient’s body now touching here now there. After relating the whole history of the case to him I asked if he could provide some help in the case. He told it was possible to cure the case and he would be glad to help a suffering human being and promised me help whenever he found time, which alas he never did, thrice I contacted the man after the incident but he always told he was busy then and would definitely be helpful in future. The only thing I gained from the trip was Mr.Jain, the Reiki master’s patient.

He too listened to the whole discourse and somehow got interested in me and showed me the prescription of a homoeopath from Delhi and asked if the medicine prescribed were proper in my opinion. I enquired about the symptoms in detail and told him that I differed from the doctor on the choice of the medicines it was easy for Mr.Jain. to believe as there was hardly any relief from the medicines even after twenty days. He was advised for spinal surgery at the Indian Spinal Injury Center Vasant Kunj, for the slipped disc in the neck, which had made the left upper half a little numb. Reiki was his last attempt to avoid surgery.

The next morning I found Mr. Jain in my clinic, he wanted me to treat him. The symptoms were so clear there was little scope for mistakes. And fortunately I made none. There was perceptible difference in the condition the next morning and then he could do without the protective neck collar by the third day of the treatment and within a week started rotating the neck, which had been prohibited by the surgeons at Spinal Injury Center, and doing yogic asanas. That was more than two years ago .He lived in America most of this period and has not faced any trouble so far.

Mr. Jain proved to be a sympathetic person who sent many a colleague to me for consultation and most of the cases were related to back pains or joint troubles. It was startling to see so many persons in a single company with an affection, which gets cured rather easily with homeopathy. Despite the fact, that the company expects every employee to stretch for a few minutes before starting the work of the day. During the last two years I got over twenty cases of the problem from the same company [Flour Danial, Corporate Park] alone. And some other cases that came my way, persuaded me to write about this trouble that is becoming increasingly common. Esp. in the office going white collared segment that has to remain seated most of the time.
It can be a pretty costly affair to have backaches these days considering the costs of MRI s, possible hospitalization and surgery etc. the loss of efficiency caused in the daily working also costs pretty high. The question is can it be escaped.

After treating so many different types of cases during the last three years I can safely say yes. And I would suggest every person suffering from acute or chronic back pain to see some good homoeopath before taking any drastic measure like disk removal or spinal surgery etc. Here are some archetypal cases that would give a fair idea of what I mean to say.

Case 1 – Mrs. P. Banerjee, age 28, of Maruti Vihar, had back pain that traveled to the right hip joint and she had been having it for the last four years had consulted many an orthopedic without any permanent relief. No specific cause could be ascertained as the MRIs and X-Rays showed no aberrations. She was frustrated and just came to enquire whether Homeopathy could do something for her. On specifically being asked about it she told that the troubles appeared after her only child was born, delivery was caesarian. And she was given spinal anesthesia. That was the end of the diagnosis. She was given medicine to counter the ill effects of injections/vaccination. And the pain was relieved within one day after taking three doses of the medicine and the treatment was over within a week. Mrs.Banerjee presented me a gift pack containing the choicest Bengali sweets at the end of the treatment.

Case 2 – This was the most complicated of them all. Mrs. Marwah, age 53, of DLF. 2 went three years ago to an eminent orthopedic surgeon for simple backache. Where she was told she had Pott’s disease [tuberculosis of spine] and was put on treatment for the same. But after a few days of treatment she got a damaged liver as the medicines were found to be adversely affecting the liver. The earlier medicines were changed and she remained hospitalized for one week in Gangaram hospital, from where the treatment was taken thereafter. The new medicines did not do much good either and the general condition worsened further and she now developed asthma and any kind of exertion became increasingly unbearable ultimately she was put on steroids as the last resort to revert the increasing degeneration of the lungs. This brought a general swelling of the whole body and yet the asthma reached a stage so severe she could not walk a step without loosing her breath in a most pathetic way. In the end the doctors treating her told that the damage to the lungs was irreversible and the condition was hopeless. The family then turned to Homoeopathy as the last resort. By the time I was introduced to the family, by a patient of mine who was a relative of theirs, the condition of the patient was so precarious even lifting the receiver of the telephone, kept by her side, had become a marathon effort and would leave her breathless and panting. All the inhalers and nebulizers had stopped helping. It took tremendous efforts on my part and incredible patience on the part of the family members, round the clock reporting and repeated and frequent changes of medicines, every night up to ten to fifteen calls for at least twenty days. And then the condition started looking up and the back pain the initial culprit returned in its original shape despite having taken full course of the anti tuberculosis medicines. It is a good sign in homoeopathic treatment if the old symptoms considered cured return. Now after about six months of treatment she has become almost a normal person has lost some thirty kilos of body weight she had gained after the steroids were given to her. Though strong odors of perfumes still disturb her she is “out of the woods” according to her husband, a merchant naval officer, who was a worried man four months ago and now has again gone offshore and must be sailing with a much lighter head. The backache too got cured with the same medicines that brought it back and relieved her generally.

Case 3 – Mrs. Nayyar, age 37, of S.lok came to me for weight reduction, which had increased because of the hypothyroid trouble she had and the restricted movements due to a spinal surgery that was performed to remove a degenerated disc, a part of which was touching the spinal chords and producing excruciating pain. Though the pain had been much reduced with a homeopath’s, Dr. Seth of Delhi, medicines the orthopedic specialists insisted on surgery as the splintered part of the spinal disc could push itself further into the spinal chords and slash or lacerate them so surgery was performed and a disc removed, yet the part that caused the pains was left behind as it had so penetrated the nerves it was risky to remove it And the day following the surgery brought the severest pains ever experienced by her. Since then she had been living literally on painkillers and had to wear a belt all the time to protect the spine while driving or doing the routine work. After coming to me she got rid of her thyroid medicines, diuretics she used to take for the water retention she had and the painkillers too. At times she feels confident enough to move without her belt. Had joined aerobics classes in the very first month of treatment and now has lost four to five kilos of weight and looks much slimmer, firmer, and younger. Even the chronic gout she had is very much controlled.

I often see people discard Homeopathy due to the ignorance or negligence of a homeopath, had Mr.Jain not asked for a second opinion he too would have had to take the immense risk of spinal surgery .So many people get their spinal discs, tonsils, gall bladders, and uteruses removed when the majority of such cases are curable easily. It is rightly said Homeopathy never fails homeopaths often do. Calling Homoeopathy useless because some homeopath did not select the medicine properly is like saying that Indian cuisine is tasteless just because some cook spoiled his broth or did not cook it tastefully.

Written by – Dr. Shikhar Kaushal in 2002.