Can Homoeopathy Cure My Disease?

‘Ayam shareeram vyaadhi mandiram"   ‘This body is a temple of diseases.’

Says an ancient Indian saying, the Living and the Sentient need no introduction to Disease. No one exactly knows who made it and why, so many lives are spent suffering from or fighting against various diseases, so much money and other resources spent or wasted. It naturally becomes a universal dream to have a disease free world. When most of the diseases are genetic or inherited, Homoeopathy with its known powers to remove hereditary flaws from a constitution holds a lot of promise and as more and more people wake up to its beauty and start relying on it to get their inherited genetic flaws removed or modified, they will have lesser and lesser of these to pass on to their successors. Hence, homoeopathy can take us a long way in making the future generations free from diseases and to realize the dream of a disease free world.

Here we have given all the questions we have been asked by our patients about the curability of their diseases by homoeopathy. If you have any such queries you can type the same in the box below and send it to us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a suitable answer.

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I am a software professional & feel continually stressed. How can I eliminate stress from my life?

Stress is a ‘wear & tear’ experienced when you are adjusting to the continually changing or demanding environment. It has physical as well as emotional effects on us and can create FIGHT or FLIGHT (positive or negative) response. Positive stress adds anticipation and excitement to life, and we all thrive under a certain amount of stress. As a positive influence, stress can help compel us to action; it can result in a new awareness and an exciting new perspective. Deadlines, competitions, confrontations, and even our frustrations and sorrows add depth and enrichment to our lives. But as a negative influence, can result in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and depression, which in turn can lead to health problems such as headaches, upset stomach, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Your goal should not be to eliminate stress as even insufficient stress can act as a depressant & may leave us feeling bored and dejected. Stress will help or hinder us depending on how we react to it. It is the response to stress that makes it a relative term. The same situation might be too stressful for a person leading him to give up and commit suicide, while the same situation might be a worthy challenge for someone else and act as a stimulant or motivation to work harder. ‘Adversity’ as is said,’ makes or breaks a man.’ Our response like rest of our behaviour, depends on the efficiency of our glands and how balanced our hormone secretions are. It is the performance of pituitary-adrenal axis that tells a coward from a courageous man. It’s here that homoeopathy steps in and can be of immense help by tuning our endocrine system as a whole it restores the ideal hormone secretions in a person and modifies his response to the same stressful situation making him feel in command, act judiciously, and be stress-free.

I am suffering with diabetes mellitus and have a wound on my right sole for the last 8 months. I am taking allopathic treatment for the same but my wound is not healing. My sugar levels are also fluctuating. Can Homoeopathy help me?

Yes. In chronic Diabetes mellitus, peripheral neuropathy occurs which leads to trivial wounds which remain unnoticed & hampered nerve & blood supply makes the wound turn in a non-healing deep ulcer, at times gangrene, which can lead to amputation. Non healing wounds react very well to the rightly selected Homoeopathic constitutional medicine and we have achieved successful results in the stubborn wounds of several years standing with or without diabetes. Your fluctuating sugar levels can be helped greatly by proper Homoeopathic treatment.

I was suffering from backache & sciatica. I had been adviced surgery & my surgeon remarked that i would even be able to play football after my surgery. Irony is after surgery, leave alone sports; i’m not even able to walk 20 feet without pain? can i be helped by homoeopathy?

The causes of back pain are multi-factorial. They may include a herniated disc, degeneration of the facet joints between two or more adjacent vertebrae, enlargement of these joints producing pressure on the nerve roots that exit the spinal column adjacent to these joints, stenosis of the spinal canal, or patterns of instability such as spondylolisthesis, where one vertebrae slips forward on another. Detailed clinical history & examination will reveal the condition.

Your problem, like most of the spinal complications, can be treated well with homoeopathy. Here, you are not given painkillers or traction, but the constitutional treatment which treats the cause & also purifies the system. Depending upon the case, exercises are also advised. Over the years our clinic has earned a name in treating complicated spinal cases and this has further enriched our experience and expertise. We oft get cases with post surgical complications. One of our worst ever cases had already undergone twin unsuccessful spinal surgeries, and advised for a third one by the time she consulted us yet could gain speedy and lasting recovery with appropriate Homoeopathic treatment.

I am a lady aged 39 & suffering with osteoporosis, having severe pain in my extremities.how homoeopathy can help me?

Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a disease characterized by low bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to bone fragility and an increased susceptibility to fractures of the hip, spine, and wrist. Men as well as women suffer from osteoporosis, a disease that can be prevented and treated effectively by homoeopathy.
Women are more prone to it around menopause &afterwards due to changes in hormone levels. Rather than supplementing the deficient hormones with artificial ones, which might have adverse side effects, we in homoeopathy try to restore the balance by constitutional treatment, which improves bone density and minimizes the concomitant discomforts like hot flashes, joint pains, mood swings etc. as well.

Hi. I am 18 and suffering from acne from quite some time i have taken quite a lot of medicines but however when i discontinue acne comes out again .Moreover I have lot of acne on my forehead .How homoeopathy can help me?

Ans: You say your trouble keeps reappearing, once treatment is stopped. So far you have tried only Allopathic treatment, i guess, since it is typical of most allopathic solutions, esp. for skin troubles, that the results are not lasting, even though the initial improvement is fast and impressive.

I must tell you that acne is not a local problem, i.e. it is not something superficial or external, so all local treatments, i.e. ointments or chemicals or even herbal preparations meant to treat the trouble externally or superficially can not be the appropriate measures since these try to treat the trouble where it is not. What you see on your skin is not the trouble but the effects or results of the trouble, which might be lying somewhere within.

We, in Homoeopathy, treat the underlying cause that triggered the skin eruption in the first place, which might be anything from hormone imbalance, an emotional disturbance, to unhealthy eating habits like excessive intake of junk food, even at times salt etc. or aversion to healthy things like raw fruits or vegetables(here we try and treat the cravings or aversions if abnormal). Last, but not the least, i must warn you against using all local ointments, which usually contain strong chemicals or steroids that suppress the problem and close the vent, most skin eruptions are; for the body to throw some toxins / something potentially harmful, for some vital internal organ(s), out on the skin, which is relatively safer for our health in general. Skin is relatively less important organ for the body and internal health should never be compromised for external appearance, so better let the trouble exist at the skin till it is cured from within, rather than suppressing and pushing it deeper and destabilize internal health.

My daughter is 19. She suffered spinal injury & spinal instrumentation was done with metal plates to fix the problem up. But now she has developed severe boils and eruptions all over her legs. I’ve been told the metal plates are acting as foreign bodies and causing the trouble. Treatments so far have failed to improve. Can you help us?

Ans: Yes, there are really effective medicines meant to eliminate the side effects of foreign bodies in the system. The right medicine for her can reduce the symptoms you’ve mentioned pretty fast and she should start feeling better soon.

Can homoeopathy help my son’s performance in exams, which are round the corner, and alleviate his anxiety?

Ans: Certain amount of anxiety is common before and during exams, however, when it affects one’s performance in exams it should be treated as a problem. Causes can be: lack of preparation, due to failure to organize text information, poor study habits or worrying about poor performance in the past; how friends and other students are doing and consequences of failure. Signs of ‘test anxiety’ can be, increased sweat headache, stomach upsets, rapid heart beat and tense muscles. This anxiety will affect adversely in, Nervousness, leading to difficulty in reading and understanding the questions in exam papers; in organizing the thoughts and in retrieving key words and concepts while answering which will make the student perform badly in exams, despite knowing the material well. It can also result in mental block in the form of going blank on questions and remembering the correct answers as soon as the exam is over. To reduce test anxiety one needs to put in good study habits. Homoeopathic medicines can help by building good memory and self-confidence, improving concentration and will to study or to work hard, treating laziness or procrastination, and day dreaming, which may be constitutional flaws, but can be cured with homoeopathic constitutional treatment. We do advise some relaxation techniques to relax the body and reduce stress during exams.

Can homoeopahty cure my ovarian cyst, and avoid my surgery?

Ans: Ovarian cysts can be functional and pathological; any cyst which remains for more than two months, needs attention. Symptoms are- persistent mild to moderate pain in lower abdomen, painful menses, dyspareunia (difficult/painful intercourse), and all kinds of ovarian cysts, including the chocolate or hemorrhagic cyst get cured with homoeopathy, according to our ten years long study and research, and favorable results are visible in ultrasound examination at the end of six weeks.

Sat Sri Akal! I am Mr. Singh’s, daughter from America, my brother and father, are your patients. I have acne, for many years – since I was about 12-13 years old. I am currently 23, mainly on my face, back and chest. I have attached 3 pictures of different views of my face. I have taken many different antibiotics and topical medicines. I have even taken acutane which is supposed to be the most potent allopathic acne medicine. Therefore, I am pretty sure my body is immune to many types of medicine. I have no other types of diseases or sicknesses. I am a healthy active person – I work out/run at least 3-4 times a week.I sleep on average 6 hours a night. I drink a lot of water and try to stay away from caffeine such as sodas and coffee. I also am a vegetarian and usually eat healthy. I hope all this information helps you determine which type of medicine would best suit me.I have a couple of questions regarding the treatment: 1. How long will it take to get completely cured? 2. Can the problem get worse during the beginning of the treatment before it gets better? How bad? W ill those leave any kind of scars? 3. Can I continue to take other medication while taking your medication as well? 4. Is there anything else I need to be award of about the treatment? Thank you! H. Kaur.

Dear Ms. H. Kaur,

Sat Sri Akal!

Thanks for entrusting us with your care, God willing we’ll uphold your confidence in us. Your pictures tell a lot about your trouble. But still we need to know some more details about you. You can go to our website and fill the enquiry form, it has all the relevant questions, arranged organ wise, and you try and answer as may as possible. Once we receive that we’ll send the medicines to you.

Regarding your doubts:

A. Though we can expect improvement in your health in the first few weeks itself, complete cure may take many months or even over a year. What you take as your immunity against medicine is basically the sign of a good internal health. That’s why the strongest of allopathic treatment failed to suppress your trouble fully, we in Homoeopathy believe that skin is the least important organ for your body and all your vital organs are deeper protected by Nature. So when our system fails to drain the toxins away through out excretory system it throws them on the skin and the eruptions you get are basically the vents to let these toxins out of the system somehow, rather than allowed to lodge in any vital organ and disturb the internal health. So the weaker the internal defense system the easier it will be to suppress the eruptions and close the vents, which means pushing the trouble towards some more important and deeper organ, just to hide it, that’s not cure. Cure in homoeopathy will mean restoration of the internal health so that the toxins are thrown out through proper channel and no such vents required any more. But till that happens just don’t suppress it from outside and thank God they could not; stop the local/external applications immediately, it is far from a local trouble, nor can any local treatment cure it.

B. The problem might surface in its true form once we withdraw your current allopathic medicines and topical applications. But we need to see the true extent or nature of the trouble for selecting the proper medicines. No aggravation will occur in your trouble due to homoeopathic medicines. Nor will the eruptions leave any scars, provided you don’t squeeze or burst them. However, we’ll try our best to keep the trouble from flaring up to the extent to disturb or dishearten you. And you can rest assured it will not flare up.

C. You will not require any other medicines with our treatment. We need to attend to all your minutest of troubles with homoeopathy to cure your health as a whole. Without a generally/internally sound health you can’t expect a flawless skin.

D. Not exactly, you are already a health conscious person, and good food, good amount of exercise, and good & sufficient sleep is all you need to maintain. You can try and sleep for about eight hours rather than six. ,

Yours truly,

For, Panacea Homoeopathic Clinic,

Dr. Shikhar Kaushal.

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