• “Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niramayaah.. ..sarve bhadraani pashyantu, ma kaschit dukh bhaag bhaveit!”

Are You Still Looking For a Perfect Site On Homoeopathy?

Whether you are intrigued by the mystique of Homeopathy or baffled by its complexities. Whether you are a student or an inquisitive wanderer eager to know about the subject, or a patient wanting to know what it can do for you, this is the destination for you. Even a doctor might find a fact or two hitherto unknown to him/ her. Be it the literal meaning of the word Homeopathy, or its origin & evolution, the basic principles, vastness and depth of the subject, or its infinite potential; we have striven to provide everything. High quality* online homeopathic Consultation can also be availed.

So grab your mouse and click-start the enchanting journey through the wonderful world of Homeopathy. May this journey lead you to the ultimate wealth: called Health!

*(PHC is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Homeopathic clinic)

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Got Slippery Discs? Try Homoeopathy!

Today, like on any other day, billions of people will sit in their chairs for long working hours, go in their cars for long drives, bend forward, pick buckets in their bathrooms, or lift some other heavy objects bending forward, millions will do so with apprehensions of getting a backache or worse still, a slipped disc.  moreSlippery Discs2

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