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Panacea for Spine

Good news for all those crippled by chronic backache to more serious spinal troubles like Slip - Disc, Herniation, Degeneration, or Osteoporosis of Spine. You can now get prompt and lasting relief through Homoeopathy at Panacea Homoeopathic Clinic. Situated in DLF Gurgaon the clinic has been successfully treating cases with complicated spinal troubles from all over India and across the world for the last several years. Most of the patients consult Panacea when advised spinal surgery and many patients come after spinal surgery fails to relieve or complicates their problems further. The clinic recently helped a patient in California avoid his third spinal surgery when previous two had already failed.

What is even better is that you need not visit the clinic frequently, at times not even once, since the clinic specializes in distance healing through Homoeopathy and uses state of the art communication technology to bring legendary healing powers of classical Homoeopathy to every doorstep, worldwide. Executives on foreign tours or postings and families on vacations overseas, also avail the protective cover of Homoeopathy while traveling abroad in an alien land.

Doctors at Panacea opine that the increasingly sedentary lifestyle is the cause for spinal troubles getting so common and the rampant use of over the counter painkillers and gels an aggravating factor which camouflage the deeper trouble till it becomes really serious or complicated.

We all can heal someone by spreading awareness about the tremendous efficacy of Homoeopathy in spinal troubles. You can send useful information, including sample cases, available at the clinic’s website to anyone suffering in any part of the world and help them avoid complicated, expensive and risky surgeries. Let us heal!

For further information, contact: website , E-mail: Phone: +91- 0124-4037136, Mobile: +91- 9871794369, 9990449900, 9718373737.

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