Homoeopathy Cures & Avoids Slip discs

Got Slippery Discs? Try Homoeopathy!
Today, like on any other day, billions of people will sit in their chairs for long working hours, go in their cars for long drives, bend forward, pick buckets in their bathrooms, or lift some other heavy objects bending forward, millions will do so with apprehensions of getting a backache or worse still, a slipped disc. For thousands their worst fears will turn true making them land in traction beds or on surgical tables. But the bitter fact is that years of popping painkillers, months of bed rest, weeks long tractions, or several hours long complicated surgeries will at best succeed in removing a disc or two, not their tendency to get the trouble again and again in future.

Whether we want it or not we tend to get typecast as specialists, although there is no specialization in Homoeopathy, since we emphasize on treating the patient and not the disease. Yet during the last Five to six years, inadvertently though, we have come to be known as a Spine Speciality Clinic. We started giving money back guarantee in spinal cases only to evoke confidence in patients and make them try this most effective and benign treatment rather than going for exorbitantly expensive and potentially risky surgeries, which has led us to a place where people know us more as a Spine Treating Clinic than anything else. If you ask me what we really specialize in, I would say, in constitutional treatment.

It is true that inappropriate movements can cause spinal injuries, which combined with persistently wrong sitting postures can have a cumulatively damaging effect. The overstrained bones and muscles become weak and lose their flexibility and degeneration sets in. But, for a Homoeopath these superficial or oversimplified explanations do not suffice. We have to explain what made the person maintain those perpetually wrong postures? Are wrong postures a bad habit acquired like other vices?
We oft come across phrases like, “he walks as if he were a King!” who teaches some to walk or sit erect, alert, or in a commanding posture, and others to slouch in their chairs and to walk or sit with stooped shoulders?
The fact to be pondered upon is whether wrong postures make the spine weak or is it otherwise and a weak spine leads to postures that are considered unhealthy? For a homoeopath of course it is the latter which is true. And we believe it is some inherent constitutional flaw which results in poor energy flow to a particular organ or area of the human body (spine or back as a whole in these constitutions). Resulting in poor strength, recovery (from injuries, and susceptibility to the same), and regeneration. It must be a set of some really feeble and fatigued ligaments, tendons, and muscles, which lost their grip and allowed the discs to slip at the slightest excuse. To find and eradicate the constitutional flaw and to help these ligaments, tendons, and muscles regain their natural vigor and hold over the spine and bring the berserk discs back to their proper places is the aim of homoeopathic constitutional treatment. Which, according to our eight years long experience of treating all sorts of complicated spinal cases, succeeds in more than 98% cases.

Written by – Dr. Shikhar Kaushal, Founder Director, Panacea Homoeopathic Clinic Pvt. Ltd. (July 2005).