Hommeopathy/Homeopathy Averts Spinal Surgery

What is most satisfying to a professional?

Six years of homoeopathic / homeopathic practice have given me almost everything that qualifies one to be called a successful professional, decent amount of recognition, fame, and money. But what is the best part of success was difficult to judge till Mrs. Judy Caleb’s last visit to my clinic. That morning I had more than usual number of patients to see and I was a little tired. My morning timings in the clinic were almost over when she entered. “Good morning doctor!” her voice fresh like the chirping of a bird filled the room with freshness and life. Her two kids, no less lively than their mother, with her. Suddenly I felt rejuvenated my tiredness and dullness vanished and I realized how fortunate it was playing doctor to such nice hearted patients and I thanked God for giving me the position.

Her face reflected her inner happiness as she told me that her surgeon from Safdarjang Hospital had called her husband to ask where she was and what her condition was and why she had not reported for the third surgery of her spine which, according to the gentleman was overdue and if not performed would lead to further worsening and complication of her health. She was jubilation as she added that she had told her husband to tell the surgeon she was fine and did not require any more surgeries.

Her words as if sent me into a trance and her whole case history started streaming into my mind like a flashback movie. It was not more than a couple of months ago that she rang me up for appointment which she wanted urgently and the same day. When she entered my clinic she was in great distress, pressure of her spinal discs had produced much pain and numbness in the limbs. Even breathing was an effort and caused pain. She had already undergone two spinal surgeries and was suggested to go for the third. Which she wanted to avoid as the previous two surgeries had left her worse than she was before she opted for them. The pain responded fast to our medicines and she started going for walks after a few days. And now is working hard to reduce the weight she had put on because of the restricted movements during the past few years. And today she was telling me these words, which were music to my ears. It is said Homoeopathy / homeopathy is pure science while prescribing the right medicine is pure art. And suddenly I realized that the real pleasure of any art is in a successful performance itself. Her smiles and satisfaction were the greatest rewards.

Someone told me once that I write about my successful cases only. And I end this story with the promise that I will write an article on the cases where I failed most pathetically. If for nothing else just to show how a homeopath’s blunders become limitations of Homoeopathy / Homeopathy. Till then, like always, I only pray to God to grant success to every soul endeavoring to heal another…. My failures are misery for many, so my Lord, help me succeed. Amen!

Ps. At Panacea you do not need any MRI or other costly scans done for the treatment of your spine. We have treated numerous cases during the past few years, some of which pretty severe, still we have yet to fail in a spine related case, that has given us the confidence to offer money back guarantee on spine related problems.

If you want me to make an understatement about the efficacy of our treatment, I would say wait for a few years and we will make Gurgaon for backache patients what Mecca is to Muslims.

Written by – Dr. Shikhar Kaushal. (First published in 2003).