"Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niramayaah..
..sarve bhadraani pashyantu, ma kaschit dukh bhaag bhaveit!"

"May all be happy; May all be healthy; May everybody prosper; May no one be miserable!"

has been the spirit behind every action taken at Panacea, behind its very inception, and it always will be. The moment Panacea drifts away from this ideal consider it dead. The same spirit inspires us to launch this ever evolving website, slated to be a mouthpiece for Panacea and a pedestal for the young members of our team to express their views, share their experiences and to showcase their exemplary work and gradually evolve into a most communicative, trustworthy, interesting, informative and interactive website aimed at spreading awareness about homoeopathy and holistic health.
I read somewhere Homoeopathy is the only thing in the world growing at the rate of 25% a year. Am not sure how true the figure is but hardly sounds unbelievable especially when you are part of that growth. Yet, is this growth sufficient? Have we exploited the full potential of this wondrous science? What has led to this stupendous growth? Are those who need it the most aware of how much good it can do to them? In the upsurge many have earned money and fame through homoeopathy but few have cared to spread awareness about it amongst the masses.
This website will be our bit to share whatever we know about homoeopathy to try and eradicate the misconceptions prevailing about its efficacy, range and powers. I would like to make it clear at the outset that we have no illusions of being masters of Homoeopathy, we at best can be eternal students with insatiable inquisitiveness, and ardent and eternal lovers who discover a new beauty spot every time they look at their beloved, another reason to love her even more than ever before. Ours is a team of youngsters so our words cannot be taken as final authority over the subject and we are ever open to improvisation and suggestions. To teach is to learn again and while trying to tell you about Homoeopathy we would get the opportunity to learn it again and again the opportunity to fall in love with this beloved science and art of healing again and again. For, fie upon the lover who would not wish to fall in love with his beloved again, and again, and again, and every time wouldn't say that the sheer experience, the sheer joy, the sheer pleasure, the sheer ecstasy, was well worth it!

Last but not the least, to provide quality online homoeopathic consultation is another major purpose of this site and we have been working for the last many years in the direction. Online Homoeopathic Consultation that is both prompt and trustworthy at the same time. And we have perfected a system of tele healing or tele - Homoeopathy which has helped us take the legendry healing powers of homoeopathy to almost every continent of Earth. It hleps us avoid a third spinal surgery for Mr. Singh, in California, or to maintain health for both NRI families as well as natives in various countries like Australlia, Japan, China, US, UK, Canada, Dubai, UAE, New-Zealand, Tanzania, Tehran etc. Even executives on foreign postings or tours, and families on vacations overseas enjoy the protective cover of Tele-Homoeopathy which saves them from getting hospitalised in a foreign land and spoil their precious time out there.

Dr. Shikhar Kaushal
Founder Director