Diabetes and Homoeopathy, A Gym That Heals

Q. Dear Dr. normally homoeopathic medicines are given in sweet pills. How can diabetic patients like me, who need to avoid sugar in any form, benefit from this so called holistic science? And is homoeopathy potent enough to tackle a complex and chronic trouble like diabetes?
Ans. Dear reader! Homoeopathy has made great progress in all directions and leading drug manufacturers now provide sugar less pills which can be medicated with homeopathic medicines and given especially to diabetic and weight conscious patients. Even if the conventional sugar based & sweet homoeopathic pills are given the dose is usually so small that it does not produce any ill effect on the patients’ blood sugar levels. As far as the effectiveness of homoeopathy in Diabetes is concerned you can read what an old patient of ours had to say after trying it…in her own words…

A Gym that heals…. Diabetics Can Believe Ms. Gupta, Or Wait For The Stem Cells.

“My name is Veena Gupta. I am 43 years old.  I shifted to DLF Gurgaon in April 2002.  I have been inclined to homeopathy because it has no side effects.  Initially, I had some skin allergy and other minor ailments for which I started taking homeopathic treatment from Dr. Shikhar Kaushal in Mid 2002 and became all right.

In May 2005, I had a complaint of itching on the skin, which did not subside or respond to the treatment for one month. So I got myself tested for Sugar as I have family history of diabetes, i.e., my mother and grandmother had the same.  On investigation, it was found that my Sugar level is 346, which was very high.

When I got this report, I straightaway went to Dr. Kaushal who advised exercise and proper diet along with his medicine.

I followed the exercise routine under the instruction of (Phc’s physical trainers) and the diet advised by Dr. Kaushal very strictly and continue to do so till date.  I am happy to inform that the results were surprising even for me – because my sugar level was checked every 15 days and it showed decline of 60 counts every time!  After two months, the sugar level became 100, which is very normal.  My Cholesterol level was slightly high earlier, which also is normal now.  My weight in the starting was 63 Kg. and now it is 55 Kg.

I am feeling extremely nice about the progress I have made.  Though I followed the exercise routine and diet (eat more but eat healthy) very strictly up to now, all credit goes to Dr Kaushal and his team of physical instructors for the supervision and guidance.  I am happy to carry on the same routine and diet for future.  God bless Panacea Homeopathic Clinic!”

Mrs. Veena Gupta.
Ridgewood Estate,
DLF, Gurgaon.

Ps. the patient told this in 2005 and since then she has been medicated only twice or thrice, for a week to ten days each time, and yet has been able to maintain normal sugar levels merely with healthy diet and exercises.

Panacea urges you to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep the so-called ‘Life Style’ diseases (Obesity, Spinal troubles, and Diabetes) at bay. Visit our unique clinic-cum-gym to see numerous patients benefit from this never before combination of Classical Homoeopathy, proper exercises and sound dietary advice and give their ‘Silent killers’ a lethal blow.