Dengue Cure

Raise platelet count within 24-48 hours, and cure Dengue, within 3-5 days, with ISO 9001: 2001 / 2008 certified Homeopathic clinic. No blood transfusions required (in almost all the cases). You can also keep the medicines at home, as a preemptive or prophylactic (preventive) measure, so that if any of your family members gets signs of the Dengue or Chickungunuya you can start the medicines immediately and abort the fever within 6-8 hrs.

Watch live case taking Case 3 Part 4- Seriously ill patient gets better, sits up and starts talking after half an hour of giving homeopathic medicines.

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The Dengue season is here again, this time the dreaded fever has struck with even more vengeance, perhaps the overstretched monsoon and much heavier rains have been the perpetuating causes. And like most previous instances our hospitals seem to be ill equipped to handle the sudden rush of the patients afflicted by it. The papers replete with headlines stating acute shortage of platelets in our blood banks. Having seen such scare of the acute and possibly fatal disease it becomes very difficult for anyone to believe there could be highly effective and very fast tratment for the same in Homeopathy, which sadly and very wrongly, has been commonly known to be a slower mode of treatment best suited for the treatment of chronic conditions that require long term and slow treatment.

But believe it or not it is very true that there is an excellent treatment for Dengue in Homeopathy. The limitation is that there is no single medicine for all the patients and most of them may need either of the about half a dozen effective medicines depending on their peculiar symptoms. Thus if the patient remains in touch with the doctor over phone or through visits there is almost hundred percent surety that the fever will be controlled quite fast, the platelets have been seen to rise within 12 - 36 hours dramatically and reach the normal range within 24-48 hrs.

We provide a specialized kit of anti Dengue medicines and the expert doctors assist the patient round the clock over telephone to guide them with the change of medicines as the symptoms change and their condition improves. If living outside Gurgaon / Delhi / NCR the medicines can be couriered with overnight couriers, the patients can discuss their case in detail over telephone and pay online or at any ICICI Bank branch. Others can visit the clinic and get the same after consulting the doctor personally, if they live nearby.

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Similar treatment is available for Chikungunya fever and after fever pains also. Homeopathy proves highly effective in curing both Dengue and Chickungunya fevers, also for raising the low platelet counts due to Dengue and the severe and crippling pains of Chickungunya.