Fee Structure

Fees in India:

  • Weekly: Rs. 1000/-(Including medicine)
  • Monthly: Rs. 3,500/- With restricted tel-consultation facility, and Rs. 5500/- with round the clock tel-consultation facility. (fee includes medicines, consultation, and postage charges within India).
  • For Long term Chronic Cases  / or any serious case that requires intensive treatment for some months or some years, should opt for this option, with reducing fee structure. Illustrated as below:

    Rs. 15,000/- For Case taking, bulk medicines kits, and first month consultation, medicines, and postage charges.
    After the completion of the first month, presuming the patient would be better and require lesser attention and medicine changes, hence reduced attention would lead to reduced fee i.e. Rs. 15,000/- for the span of next three months, covers consultation medicines and postage within India for the next three months.

    After the completion of the second stage, or four months, if the patient needs, and / or wishes to be treated further having tried it first  hand, the fee would be further reduced / halved, i.e. Rs. 15,000/- for the next six months. After that till the patient needs active treatment the feel would remain the same i.e. Rs. 15,000/- for every six months.

    If, the patient fully recovers and doesn't require aggressive treatment and can be termed, almost or fully cured, and yet wishes to stay with us and keep enjoying the tele consultation support, medicines, home delivery of medicines etc. for maintenance of general health and further raising the immunity, and keeping the chronic problem under check, they can opt for annual payment option. which currently is Rs. 22, 570/- (i.e. in 2015, revised every year in January, by 10% to keep pace with constantly rising inflation, and every increasing costs of our inputs).

    Fees For Patients Outside India / International Fee:

  • Monthly (trial option): USD. 200/-  (Medicines to be procured locally by the patient includes four weekly Skype consultation sessions)
  • For chronic cases which require long term treatment for a few months or even years (want to switch over to Homeopathy for regular maintenance of their general health, chronic problems, and building immunity the ideal option would be as explained below:
    Upfront amount or USD 500/- for detailed case taking, bulk medicine kits, first months consultation, medication, and international shipping charges included.
    subsequent months would cost $ 100/- (payable quarterly 3x100= $300/-) or the patient might wish to opt for the annual payment option at this stage, and save $200/- in that case they would pay the annual fee.
    Annual: USD. 1000/-
    The overseas patients can consult us over Skype for acute troubles at a consultation fee of USD. 80/- for a single Skype tel-consultation, or $ 100/- for one 25 minutes session for case taking and two 10 minutes sessions over the next one week)  here the patient can get the name of the medicine, procure it locally and try immediately for quick relief, consultation only, they can procure medicine from their native town. Thus we can help them handle any acute attack of Migraine, vertigo, fever, cold, flue, acute indigestion, nausea, hangover, sudden rash on the skin etc. If they find the prescriptions effective they can go for a longer regular treatment to eradicate the tendency.

    To book a Skype consultation session email:

    or whats app at +91  9810094369.